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available december, 2019

available december, 2019


a novel, by yokairy tavarez

after a violent fight, verónica ventura flees her drunken husband one night, with her young daughter in tow and nothing but the clothes on their backs. as she struggles to start over on her own in yonkers, new york, the arrival of unexpected love and subtly masked inspiration begin to erase the past.but just as her future takes form, tragedy strikes and roni finds herself struggling once again- this time, to climb out of the flames of despair. when the one thing keeping her going is taken, roni fights against the clock to save the only thing she has left, and punish the person that took everything else away. 

an intricate tale of love, loss and suffering, broken travels the darkest roads of humanity, and follows roni’s journey as she is catapulted into an unsure world of agony and revenge; a world that threatens to consume her.

premiering July, 2020

premiering July, 2020

a story for another time

a musical, by yokairy tavarez

girl meets boy.

girl falls in love with boy.

girl follows her dreams towards success and fame while boy pines for her until they meet again.

emme mendez is an aspiring writer with big dreams. faced with the opportunity of a lifetime, she makes a choice that sets her on a different path than anticipated; one that takes her far from her home and the people she loves. as she learns about the inevitable up-and-down roller-coaster ride called life, she holds on to the friends that ground her and the dreams that propel her forward. her tale unfolds unexpectedly, teaching her about disappointment and romance and uncertainty and success; all while she unknowingly becomes the heroine of her own story.

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those women

an honest, raw and hilarious take on a group of women tackling real-life issues in modern-day new york city.

being a career woman, wife and mother in new york has never been explained so truthfully as it is through the eyes of genevieve, marcielle, joanie, myla and sienna. navigating relationships, motherhood and their careers while aging gracefully and managing to lean on each other, these five women epitomize the present-day desire of women everywhere- figuring out how to have it all without cutting corners. throughout, their individual stories and moments together bring levity to tragedy, comedy to sadness and originality to love and life. 

the black house

when the only survivor is left alive for a reason.

she watches as the whole of the world is destroyed, her loved ones vanishing before her eyes. and all that is left is her and the black house. timelessly existing in doubt and fear, she meets the one entity who can answer her questions and in him, finds the will to fight so that she, too, can move on.

wanderlust: where seasons meet & magic begins

co-authored with nakia d. johnson

a children's modern-day fairytale, complete with magical lands that inspire the imagination, wonderful worlds that arouse the senses and a valuable life-lesson that teaches children to take pride in their differences while first embracing their similarities.

annise and samara live miles apart but meet by fate, and discover that their shared knowledge gives them passage into a legendary land full of enchantment and mystical creatures. they set out on a voyage that takes them out of our world and into one they've been dreaming of all of their lives.

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