stay and have a look around.
read a title or two, peruse the info.
you’re always welcome back.
— yokairy tavarez


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yokairy tavarez is the author of several novels, including project: femme, the dystopian trilogy about a fictional heroine. her passion is untold stories with strong female protagonists and she is currently working on her next projects, soon to be released as well.



 about the author

born and raised in the bronx, yokairy tavarez (pronounced YOH-KARR-ree Tuh-VAH-REZ) published her debut novel, the blue brotherhood, in 2010. a decade later, she’s released a few other titles, including the "this is everything" collection, a compilation of short stories; redeem me, a romantic novel; and the lost highway, a story about one woman's escape from a killer whose face she’s never seen.

equally obsessed with film as she is with the written word, yokairy filmed five of the six short stories in the "this is everything" collection and submitted them to various film festivals. she took the sixth short story, le emme, and turned it into a musical called “a story for another time,” which she plans to put on stage in the summer of 2020.

her most successful title to date has been project: femme, a heart-wrenching dystopian novel of struggle and survival chronicling one woman’s meteoric rise from humiliated slave to leader of a rebellion. keeping with this theme, she has begun work on the other parts of the project: femme trilogy for release in 2020 and 2021.

aside from writing, filmmaking and musical theatre, yokairy is a freelance paralegal and family mediator with a twenty-year history in the legal industry. she owns and operates still legal, llc, a legal firm offering professional assistance to self-represented individuals law firms in need of legal help. yokairy resides in new york city with her family. 


*make-up and photography by jessica m. pichardo