the project: femme trilogy

cinema-ready action and relatable dialogue bring to life the worst case scenario in project: femme, the novel that introduced the world to shane milian.

along with millions of women across the country, shane’s world is destroyed by one president’s insane dictatorship and she is enslaved and trained as part of a new breed of soldiers. eventually escaping, she leads her army out of captivity and begins a quest to find her son, no matter the cost. 

this heart-wrenching tale of struggle and survival chronicles shane’s meteoric rise from humiliated slave to leader of a rebellion, and follows her tragic search for her kidnapped son.


available in the fall of 2020

available in the fall of 2020


project: femme- the inception, a prequel

the story of one man's journey from normalcy to chaos as he travels across the world fighting an un-winnable war, desperate to return to his home, only to find it a shell of what it once was. 

before we knew him as lieutenant commander steven s. bernchal, friend to the resistance and companion to shane milian, we meet the soldier that landed on american soil to find everything changed.

this prequel follows steve as he is deployed to africa on orders for a training mission. unbeknownst to him, his departure becomes the catalyst for the demise of the united states. as conditions deteriorate, he and remaining american troops become enemy #1, and must flee for safety from the reach of the powers-that-be, who pull the strings behind the scenes.

with the help of fellow soldiers and brothers-in-arms, steve makes his way down the african coast, fighting to survive in an unfamiliar land. lost and alone, the soldiers brave the atlantic waters to reach the united states, and stumble instead onto the path of chaos.

fighting to survive in a land he no longer recognizes, the truth behind his country’s collapse is revealed, forcing steve to dive headfirst and blind into the new world we came to know in project: femme.



project: femme

the year is 2021 and president paul r. yenmor has just begun his second term in the white house. secretly backed by north korean forces, he implements a nationwide plan that includes the dismantling of all branches of government. with unquestionable impunity, he systematically wipes out half of the population and finalizes the destruction of united states. with no american military left to intervene, his new militia spans the country taking children from their homes and rounding up their mothers, forcing them into indentured servitude to get them back. 

amidst the barren wasteland that was once a thriving powerhouse, what follows is one woman's fight to get back her son and right the wrongs made by a maniacal administration. 

together with other escapees whose children were taken, and a few remaining soldiers that have returned to find their homeland decimated, shane milian fights to retrieve her kidnapped son, destroy the occupying militia and restore the united states to its former glory.

to purchase you copy of project: femme, click on  amazon

to purchase you copy of project: femme, click on amazon

available in the spring of 2021

available in the spring of 2021


project: femme- the cessation, a conclusion

the woman: forced from her home when her country dissolved; her son torn from her arms while she endures torture and humiliation to survive.

the soldier: shipped overseas to a strange land and forced on the run to escape enemy territory; arrives home and imprisoned before stumbling into a rebellion.

the mission: to retrieve the children stolen by a maniacal administration and to end their bloody reign, once and for all.

it’s been three years years since the events of project: femme, and shane, steve and their army have begun to achieve normalcy in this new world of theirs, while the remaining militia begins to gain new ground. as each survivor struggles to move past the events of their past, shane is reluctant to revert back to looking for a fight…

until the fight comes looking for her.

this explosive conclusion follows shane and company as she navigates life beyond the confines of her prison, only to be pulled back in.  what starts as a testament to the resiliency of one woman’s strength ends in a bloody showdown with the orchestrators of america’s demise and brings the events of this unbelievable story to a remarkable close.



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different cover, same badass heroine