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redeem me, a novel by yokairy tavarez

a refreshing take on the age-old story of boy meeting girl…

when a chance encounter brings neighbors rhiannon iviladese and lucas chase together, they find that the only things they share in common are the sins of their pasts. ignoring the immediate and mutual attraction, rhiannon keeps her walls high, yet lucas somehow begins the lengthy process of breaking them down.

despite her desire to be alone and his propensity to play the field, the duo pursue an unlikely friendship that delves deeper than either could have expected. somehow, rhiannon unknowingly provides lucas with the kind of support and stability he’s always craved, and in turn, he becomes a source of light and peace in her life that she’d long been missing.

as they grow closer, their polar-opposite worlds collide suddenly, and the realities of their futures and their pasts cause them to reexamine their relationship with one another, forcing them each to question:

are they looking for something that doesn’t exist, or could it really be true love?

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the lost highway, a novel by yokairy tavarez

a suspenseful story of a woman on the run from a killer whose face she has never seen...

emmaline lera is crashing blindly through the woods in syracuse, new york; running for her life from a man whose face she has not yet seen. after witnessing the brutal murder of her best friend, she barely escapes the grip of his assailant on a frigid december night and is found by the police, barely alive and still in hiding. detective joshua beach assumes watch over emmaline throughout the night, unknowingly protecting her from a danger neither can see.

five years later, a physical altercation, rising body count and bomb threat open an investigation into which det. beach lunges forward in the hopes of protecting the woman with whom he has since fallen in love. 

aided by det. beach, emmaline discovers that the identity of an intercontinental murderer wanted by multiple law enforcement agencies is the very same killer that has haunted her dreams for the past five years. 

a nasty battle ensues wherein emmaline faces her attacker, and with him, a past riddled with uncertainty, fear and degradation; not knowing if she will walk away with her life, or if the killer will once again, escape with his identity unknown.

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the “this is everything” collection, a compilation of short stories by yokairy tavarez

a compilation comprised of an intimate collection of stories that each, in their own way, examine and exploit the intensity, agony, magic and destruction of the greatest force on earth- love.

lucky shamrock is a story about emmanuelle felipe, a woman consumed by her perfect world, until that perfection is shattered when she uncovers her husband’s infidelity.  

left is right gives us declan marcel, a man that meets the woman of his dreams, but allows himself to be led in the opposite direction by lust. 

in the funeral, sue gets a phone call that ends up changing her life, unknowingly for the better. 

emme mendes is an aspiring writer in le emme who faces heartbreak after obtaining a lifetime opportunity to fulfill her dreams.

arienna morillo falls for an old flame in yeah, well…, despite the glaring dissimilarities between them. 

and finally, spotlight mistress finds bachelor korben medina sucker-punched by love, the one thing he’d been hell-bent against finding.

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the blue brotherhood, a novel, by yokairy tavarez

an ada accused of murder.
a cover-up that reaches the hierarchy of the nypd.
a detective who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

evalyne vitelli is an up-and-coming new york ada. benjamin pacey is the well-decorated yew york city police detective who has fled to albany to escape her memory. unbeknownst to them, a botched silencing job opens the door to a drug- ring and exposes countless murders hidden in the heart of new york's law enforcement elite. when she is framed for a murder she didn't commit, evalyne seeks to clear her name and reluctantly turns to pacey for help. still resentful of their

tumultuous past, pacey follows the letter of the law until he learns the shocking truth about his beloved brotherhood. determined to seek justice, they set out to unveil the guilty parties and unknowingly walk right into the middle of a war.

this explosive and charged tale uncovers exactly what the nypd is willing to do to maintain its famed "blue wall of silence.”