Project: FEMME

A Novel, by Yokairy Tavarez

When there was no one left to protect her, she had to take matters into her own hands...

The year is 2021 and President Paul R. Yenmor has just begun his second term in the White House. Secretly backed by North Korean forces, he implements a nationwide plan that includes the dismantling of all branches of government. With unquestionable impunity, he then systematically wipes out half of the population and finalizes the destruction of the United States. With no American military left to intervene, his new militia spans the continental U.S., taking children from their homes and rounding up their mothers, forcing them into indentured servitude to get them back. 

Amidst the barren wasteland that was once a thriving powerhouse, what follows is one woman's fight to get back her son and right the wrongs made by a maniacal administration.

Together with other escapees whose children were taken, and a few remaining soldiers that have returned to find their homeland decimated, she fights to retrieve her kidnapped son, destroy the occupying militia and restore the United States to its former glory.

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It’s a highly entertaining and fast-paced read 
sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word!

Working with the same style of cinema-ready action and relatable dialogue as her previous novel, Yokairy Tavarez’ newest venture, Project: FEMME, successfully brings to life 

the worst case scenario of chaos resulting from the election of a tyrant to office.

This heart-wrenching tale of struggle and survival chronicles one woman’s meteoric rise 

from humiliated slave to leader of a rebellion, and follows her tragic search for her kidnapped son. 

Project: FEMME

A Novel, by Yokairy Tavarez

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